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Campbell County Second and Multiple Offense DUI Attorneys

Campbell County Second and Multiple Offense DUI Attorneys

Defense Lawyers for Multiple Drunk Driving Charges in Jacksboro and LaFollette

When you are convicted of driving under the influence for the first time in Tennessee, the penalties are severe and include at least two days in jail. A second or subsequent offense, however, is even more serious, and the consequences could dramatically affect the rest of your life. If you have a previous DUI conviction on your record, and you are facing charges for a second, third, fourth, or subsequent offense, you can depend on the skilled team at Coller & Evans, Attorneys at Law to provide the guidance and representation you need and deserve.

Trusted DUI Defense Lawyers for Repeat Offenders

The laws and guidelines in place for first-time DUI offenders in Tennessee are harsh, but they are primarily focused on rehabilitation and preventing future drunk driving. For repeat offenders or those charged with a second or subsequent DUI offense, the consequences quickly become more directed toward punishment.

Under Tennessee law, second and third DUI offenses are misdemeanors. The penalties for a second DUI conviction include:

  • A minimum of 45 days in jail, with a maximum of 11 months and 29 days
  • Fines of up to $3,500
  • Revocation of the offender’s driver’s license for two years
  • Court-ordered participation in an alcohol or drug treatment program
  • Possible seizure or forfeiture of the vehicle
  • The installation of an ignition interlock device at the offender’s expense

A third DUI conviction carries increased jail time, higher fines, and a longer period of license revocation:

  • A minimum of 120 days in jail, with a maximum of 11 months and 29 days
  • Fines of up to $10,000
  • Revocation of the offender’s driver’s license for six years

Felony DUI Charges in Tennessee

A fourth or fifth charge for DUI in Tennessee is automatically a Class E felony. As such, the possible penalties are even more severe. If you are convicted of DUI for the fourth time, you will be subject to:

  • A minimum of 150 consecutive days in jail, with a maximum sentence of one to two years
  • Fines of up to $15,000
  • Revocation of your driver’s license for eight years

You will also be ordered to participate in an alcohol or drug treatment program and to have an ignition interlock device installed before you would qualify for any driving relief programs.

Felony charges could also be brought as the result of aggravating circumstances in any DUI case. For example, driving under the influence with a passenger who is under the age of 18 could result in Class D felony charges for child endangerment. Similarly, you could face felony charges for driving under the influence and causing an accident in which someone is seriously injured or killed. The severity of the charges and the associated penalties will depend on the details of each case.

Client-Focused Defense Attorneys in Clinton and Huntsville

At Coller & Evans, Attorneys at Law, we understand the feelings of despair and hopelessness that are often associated with a second or subsequent DUI charge. You may feel like your life is ruined, but our skilled attorneys may be able to find a reasonable solution. We will conduct a full investigation into your arrest, any chemical tests, and other protocols to ensure that your rights were not compromised along the way. Our team will explore every option, including negotiating with prosecutors to protect your future. We pledge to work hard on your behalf and to live up to the trust you place in us.

To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, contact our office. Call 423-449-7980 today. We serve clients in Jacksboro, Clinton, Hunstville, Campbell County, Scott County, Anderson County, Claiborne County, Union County, Knox County, Blount County, and the surrounding areas.

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